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December 14, 2021

This weekend Zi and I visited the Lincoln golf course. We found a new trail along the river and after going down the river, we continued along the trail through the woods towards the golf course. We woke a buck who was lying in a patch of sunlight and continued onto the golf course. Unbeknownst to us, a coyote was following us.



July 21, 2013

I’m growing brown Sea Island mix cotton this summer and it’s blooming.


2013 Afterglow movie courtesy of Mark

July 21, 2013

Mark says it needs music… Can’t wait for next year.


marigold yarn

July 21, 2013

handspun yarn from roving (Mom’s sheep) dyed with marigoldsCIMG7742


January 30, 2013


CIMG7415 CIMG7411 CIMG7410 CIMG7404 CIMG7402 CIMG7401 CIMG7400 CIMG7394 CIMG7393 CIMG7392




CIMG7411 CIMG7410 CIMG7404 CIMG7402 CIMG7401

CIMG7388 CIMG7386 CIMG7385 CIMG7384 CIMG7383 CIMG7382 CIMG7381 CIMG7380


CIMG7387 CIMG7397 CIMG7399 CIMG7403 CIMG7405 CIMG7406 CIMG7407 CIMG7409 CIMG7412 CIMG7414 CIMG7418 CIMG7419 CIMG7420 CIMG7421 CIMG7422 CIMG7423 CIMG7424 CIMG7425 CIMG7427 CIMG7428 CIMG7429 CIMG7430 CIMG7431 CIMG7432 CIMG7433 CIMG7434 CIMG7436 CIMG7437 CIMG7438 CIMG7439  CIMG7441 CIMG7442 CIMG7443






October 26, 2012

This is a test. This is only a test